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Comprehensive Hernia Center

111 Brewster Street
Pawtucket , RI 02860
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The Comprehensive Hernia Center is the first facility in southeastern New England to offer highly specialized, hospital-based care for people with all types of hernias. Ours is a multidisciplinary approach – with surgical care, physical therapy and nutrition in one location—to help you feel better.

Why a ‘comprehensive’ hernia center? 

Hernias are common and every surgeon has a fair amount of experience managing them. Our Comprehensive Hernia Center offers you several advantages over a visit to a general surgeon for treatment of your hernia. 

  • We are experienced. Our surgeons have extra training in managing more complex abdominal wall defects using the latest minimally-invasive (laparoscopic) techniques in addition to the more traditional forms of surgery.
  • Ours is a multidisciplinary approach. Being located in a hospital gives us access to subspecialty services such as plastic surgery, pain and wound management, and advanced imaging techniques such as CT scan and hernia ultrasound. We can also take advantage of such other services as nutrition, smoking cessation and physical therapy.
  • We collaborate with other hernia specialists. We share our experience with simple and complex hernia repair to help us refine our techniques. We participate in the American Hernia Society Quality Collaborative, which continuously updates and compares our results with those of surgeons across the country. We also offer long-term follow-up which ensures a good result for you while helping us monitor the enduring quality of our services.
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Multi-Disciplinary Care Team

The multi-disciplinary care team approach provides not only expert surgical care but access to a comprehensive group of medical professionals. 

The team includes: 

  • Hernia Surgeons Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Wound Care Specialists
  • Nutritionists/Weight
  • Loss Program
  • Physical Therapy
  • Psychiatry/Psychology
  • Pain Service
  • Endoscopy Services/Esophageal Physiology
  • Radiology/Ultrasonography