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Dealing with medical insurance concerns can often be confusing. Please call (401) 921-7200 with any questions regarding your health care bill and health insurance provider.

For any billing concerns not related to your health insurance, please contact a Memorial Hospital patient account representative at (401) 921-7200.

The hospital has several programs available to assist patients with payments, and we can establish reasonable payment plans for balances due. Our patient account representatives are happy to work with you so that you understand your hospital bills and create a payment program that meets your needs.

The hospital also offers a 40-percent discount on charges for patients who have no medical insurance and who pay for services received within six months. In addition, Memorial Hospital provides care without cost to qualifying patients whose income is at, or falls below, 200 percent of the current poverty level established by the Community Services Administration. Please contact a patient account representative for more information about these programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deductible?

The amount you must pay for your own health expenses before your insurance will make a payment. The amount is predetermined by your insurance policy.

What is a co-pay?

The fixed amounts that you have to pay for prescriptions, visits to doctors’ offices, the emergency department, etc. These do not count toward deductibles.

What is coinsurance?

Even after a patient has paid bills that add up to the full deductible, some insurance plans require them to still pay a percentage of all future bills – although these costs may be capped.

What is a contractual agreement?

The difference between the insurance contracted payment amount and the amount of the charge.

What is explanation of benefits (EOB)?

Explanation of payments sent to the provider and policyholder by the insurance company.

Who is the guarantor?

The person financially responsible for the bill.